Creating Renewable Energy From Wood Waste

Biomass One serves the community

Biomass One is a 30 megawatt, wood waste fired cogeneration plant which annually recovers 355,000 tons of wood waste.

  • Local public and area businesses provide Biomass One with wood waste for fuel.
  • Recovered wood waste is converted into electricity and steam.
  • Waste wood is recovered from six County Landfills in Southern Oregon and Northern California.
  • All electricity is sold to Pacific Power for distribution to their customers in the Rogue Valley.
  • Biomass One produces enough power to satisfy the needs of over 20,000 homes.
  • Biomass One employs 67 people in all segments of its operation.

Biomass One provides the community with a mutually beneficial and environmentally preferable means of wood waste disposal, which would otherwise fill up scarce landfill resources or pollute the air-shed through open burning.

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Our Mission

Biomass One has made a commitment to be a viable, clean alternative for wood waste disposal in Southern Oregon, expanding to meet the future needs of the Rogue Valley.